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Hell Yeah (Callout Hook)

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  1. Yeah, I'm messing with your head. Sí, estoy jugando con tu cabeza. When I'm messing with you in bed. Cuando juego contigo en tu cama. All my life I've been good. What the Hell (callout hook) What the Hell (instrumental) Exclusive offer. Get up to 3 months of free music.
  2. Jun 29,  · But, yeah, there's just the sense of like, "I've got to give 'em a hook. I gotta get 'em in the door!" Soleil Ho: No, I mean, the hook is the symptom of this underlying thing. And we all just have.
  3. Better than hell yeah. Used when you are extremely excited/happy for some reason or another. Antonym: hells no **Need something better than hells yeah? Try hell fucking yeah or hell fucking yeah .
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  5. Avril Lavigne - What the Hell (Instrumental) Lyrics. You say, better messin' with your head All 'cause I was makin' out with your friend Love hurts, whether it's right or wrong I can't stop, 'c.
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  8. [Hook: Parker (x2)] What we do when we go high? We doin' it all night Ooh the girls, they wanna ride with us tonight I'm in the middle of the club with my niggas and we all fucked up Screamin' hell yeah, hell yeah [Verse 1] Yeah, yeah I ain't see you on the Forbes yet Swear to God, I ain't see you in the stores yet Donatella on the corset.
  9. [Hook] Hell yeah Hell yeah Hell yeah Hell yeah [Verse 2] If I were God I'd get a bunch of slaves to do everything Norwegian lesbians that feed me grapes and know how to sing.

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