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Hounds Of Love - Various - So In Love (CD)

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  1. Hounds of Love is not only a terrifying psychological thriller, but an in depth look at how women who step out of prescribed roles overcome criticism, sexism and brutality with inner strength%(97).
  2. May 12,  · Yet Hounds of Love is a sinister, psychologically screwy thriller that stands on its own merits, radiating—in sleek slow-motion panoramas set to ominous droning and tunes like Joy Division’s.
  3. On Hounds of Love, however, it all came together, and the result was her most thoughtful, progressive, and powerful album to date. As it turned out, it was to be her pinnacle—not only was the album critically acclaimed, it was her best musically, it sold well enough to knock Madonna out of the #1 spot on the UK charts, and it put her solidly.
  4. Inasmuch as Hounds Of Love is a truly seminal post-new-wave album from the singular Kate Bush, fans will be delighted by this thorough investigation of the record. Interviews with journalists, musicians, biographers and historians cover almost all the ground you'd care to cover, bringing the record to .
  5. The rest of the album is equally thrilling - divided into two parts, 'Hounds of Love' and then 'The Ninth Wave' (the latter remains obscure subheadline to the album'), create the aura of everything unreal - most of the time we are subjected to Kate's eccentricity to much .
  6. Hounds of Love is actually a two-part album (the two sides of the original LP release being the now-lost natural dividing line), consisting of the suites "Hounds of Love" and "The Ninth Wave." The former is steeped in lyrical and sonic sensuality that tends to wash over the listener, while the latter is about the experiences of birth and rebirth.9/
  7. The 12" single consisted of an alternative version of Hounds Of Love called Alternative Hounds Of Love, plus the B-sides The Handsome Cabin Boy and Jig Of Life. The 7" single was also released in the USA and Canada, but with Burning Bridge on the B-side. A Canadian 12" single featured Alternative Hounds Of Love plus Burning Bridge and My Lagan.
  8. May 12,  · Ben Young‘s directorial debut Hounds of Love will make you want to look away, and yet, you may find yourself struggling to take your eyes off the screen. Such is the nature of a film that is so.
  9. Hounds Of Love Soundtrack music CD album at CD Universe, Remastered in by Kate Bush and James Guthrie, Mammoth album features Running Up That Hill and.

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