Starstruck In Paradise - SDJ Zak - Hardcore Generation (CD)

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  1. Mar 07,  · Someone made me a CD with the songs on, but those were transferred from the vinyl album. ― Poppy (poppy), Friday, 7 March (seventeen years ago) link Oh yeah, if you mean you're looking for it because you don't have the vinyl anymore, just email me and I'll make you a copy (my CD only has the Swingers and Jo Kennedy songs, but that.
  2. Starstruck's facility is currently closed. Re-Opening date is pending advisement from the County and State. Please be sure to keep up with us on Social Media and consider joining a virtual class to keep your athletes safe and active during this time of uncertainty. Thank you, Mike and Tera DeGuzman.
  3. Help Starstruck Multimedia reach new heights as they prepare for their Summer tour! | Check out 'Starstruck Multimedia Tour and Album' on Indiegogo.
  4. At Starstruck, we make the health and safety of everyone we work with an absolute priority, without sacrificing the quality of the content we produce. As the world slowly 'opens up', we have implemented additional precautions, in-line with local guidelines and social distancing measures in place, that allows us to begin physically filming again.
  5. For the time being, however, Paradise Theater seemed to represent the best of both worlds, since its loose concept about the roaring '20s heyday and eventual decline of an imaginary theater (used as a metaphor for the American experience in general, etc., etc.) seemed to satisfy both of the band's camps with its return to complex hard rock.
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  7. Perhaps StarStruck's disappointing CD sales explain why Disney has chosen it to become the studio's first DVD movie + CD set (by contrast, Walt Disney Records has done plenty of CD + fluffy DVD combos). I don't have much to say about the album. Mirroring the programming, I find Disney Channel's musical sensibilities harder to care for with each.

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