GDMFSOB - Various - Not So Quiet On The Western Front (Vinyl, LP)

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  1. I've had a couple of other gram records spin fine on this table, so I don't think it is the weight. The LP has an internal pre-amp, and doesn't appear to have an off switch. It does allow me to select AUX or phono on the back, but since I am not hooked up to a Phono connection I switched it to AUX.
  2. Well, the sound quality depends on the audio source – an LP pressed from a compressed digital audio format will never match the sonic expanse of a vinyl copy pressed from an analogue master. The Chicago Tribune recently played a bunch of Beatles fans Fabs songs from versions of the same LPs cut in the 70s, 80s and the current decade.
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  5. Dec 27,  · When I told him it was the LP (and proved it by cueing up) he was dumbstruck. Comments followed like "I didn't think LP's could be as quiet as CD" (and similar). This continued all night, we played LP's from the '60's through new single sided 45 RPM bought last week. It ALL DEPENDS on the turntable, arm, cartridge and set up.
  6. Oct 07,  · Not So Quiet On The Western Front, Welcome To , Turn It Around! & They Don't Get Paid, They Don't Get Laid, But Boy Do They Work Hard! "Not So Quiet On The Western Front" is a compilation vinyl double LP, released in by Maximumrocknroll on Alternative Tentacles.
  7. Various Artists Not So Quiet on the Western Front () You can't go wrong with 40+ hardcore bands on one compilation. My friend (and now famed artist) Tim Khotz gave this to me & so many of the tracks featured within were aired on my show. Namely, "GDMFSOB", "Dead Men .
  8. This record, and the lyric booklet that became MRR, is now available on CD for people who weren't around at the time (or since lost their vinyl). Alternative Tentacles did a cool job keeping the original aesthetic quality by repackaging the lyrics/zine into a CD-size booklet that still devotes an entire page for each band (plus a cool intro to /5(16).

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