Beat Happening - Three Tea Breakfast (Cassette)

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  1. Beat Happening é o álbum de estréia da banda as quais foram extraídas de gravações caseiras e do cassete de Three Tea Breakfast Cassette, gravado em Tóquio: [1] "Run Down the Stairs" "In My Memory" "Honey Pot" "Fall" "Youth" "Don't Mix the Colors" "Christmas" "Fourteen".
  2. This album is a compilation of material originally released on the first Beat Happening album, the first 45, the Three Tea Breakfast cassette, the Let´s Together, Let's Kiss and Let's Sea compilation cassettes, combined with a few previously unavailable recordings. * Tracks A1-A4 produced by Greg Sage, Dec 11, in the old Fire House/5(35).
  3. The main problem is that I don't like Beat Happening singer and Mark Lanegan only sings on "Polly Pereguin" which is a decent song. The music isn't bad and sounds pretty much like 60's stuff. "Sea Babies" sounds like The Kinks and the other songs remind me also of 60's band.
  4. - Beat Happening Cassette (K Records) - Three Tea Breakfast Cassette (K Records) - Crashing Through EP (53rd & 3rd) - Beat Happening/Screaming Trees EP (K Records/Homestead) Coletâneas. - Crashing Through (K Records) - Music to Climb the Apple Tree By (K Records) Compactos.
  5. K Records was also the first to release Shonen Knife's music via cassette some 7 years before Kurt Cobain started spreading the gospel, and recently released a Teenage Fan Club 7". Underground heroes and keepers of the indie flame, Beat Happening are one of the most influential and critically respected bands of the last decade.
  6. The reissue will actually be a compilation of recordings by Bret, Heather, and Calvin between 19featuring 23 songs from KLP (Beat Happening), the first Beat Happening 45, the Three Tea Breakfast cassette, the Let’s Together, Let’s Kiss, Let’s Sea .
  7. The material included in the likes of Beat Happening Cassette, Three Tea Breakfast Cassette and Crashing Through EP would often be resigned to the vaults of other artists—they were legitimate releases in the oeuvre of Beat Happening. But this is all part of the charm.

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