Samaveta Asura - Senmuth - KaaraNa (CDr, Album)

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  1. Jun 07,  · Kawabata Yasunari, Japanese novelist who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in His melancholic lyricism echoes an ancient Japanese literary tradition in the modern idiom. The sense of loneliness and preoccupation with death that permeates much of .
  2. Karera Sakunami (作並 カレラ Sakunami Karera) is a side character featured in JoJolion. Karera is a student enamored with Josuke Higashikata's former identity and has been embroiled with the Rokakaka Smuggling Organization. She is currently in hiding. Karera is a Stand User and can grow hair anywhere thanks to her Love Love Deluxe.
  3. Sarasa Sama Daana RAGAM-Kapi Narayani Aro: S R M P M P D N S || (28 janyam) Aro: S N D P M G R G, R, S || Talam: Deshadi Composer: Tyagaraja.
  4. Asuka (飛鳥) is a playable character and main heroine from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls. Asuka has black hair tied up with a white string bow, hazel colored eyes, and fair skin. She has the generic morphology of most characters, possessing enormous jiggly breasts, thick fleshy thighs, and a fat, juicy butt. The juiciness of her.
  5. Karantea Samamoto (さまもと からんてあ) is a konoichi from Hi no kuni, whose clan was annihilated by shinobi of Konohagakure. She left the land after finishing the ninja academy and was finally found in the desert of Kaze no kuni. Contents[show] Background Karantea is one of three children that lived in the village of their clan. They where best friends, shared everything, loved each.

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