Overlorde - Return Of The Snow Giant (CD, Album)

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  1. Overlorde: Return of the Snow Giant. Return of the Snow Giant marks the return of New Jersey's Overlorde – a no-frills, traditional heavy-metal band formed 20 years ago that never quite made it beyond cult status. After a year hiatus, Overlorde reunited in and signed a two-album deal with the young Greek label Sonic Age Records.
  2. And beyond simply being a great Canadian album, easily Keep The Dogs Away holds it’s own nicely alongside the finest efforts of the Sweet, Ziggy era Bowie, Mott The Hoople, Sweeney Todd/Nick Gilder, T-Rex, and the like. Overlorde: Return Of The Snow Giant CD.
  3. Overlorde: RETURN OF THE SNOW GIANT (CD, Digi or Vinyl) USA: The End Records. USA and World: Sonic Age Records. The CD and Vinyl version of the album is available at Vintage Vinyl in Woodbridge NJ and other stores worldwide. Various: KEEP IT TRUE IV Official Festival DVD. Region 0. .
  4. Overlorde's "Return of the Snow Giant" is a testament to heavy metal that proves patience, persistence and perseverance are the underlying factors that help any band survive the the test of time. Overlorde originally formed back in Most of their music can be found on EP's, demos and metal compilations. They have never released a full length album until now.
  5. (CD, Private, ) Of all the US Power cult-albums ever released, there is one standing out both in status as well as how it was received by fans and media. I am talking about OVERLORDE's “Return Of The Snow Giant”, released in And by all means, the album is a fantastic piece of Dark US Heavy / Power Metal which still holds strong today.
  6. Overlorde has released a small handful of EP’s in the past, and Return Of The Snow Giant, their “debut” full length CD, is a mix of new material combined with material from those previous EP’s. All along the way, however, there is a theme here that loosely relates to this Snow Giant character – creating an epic/wizard-warlock.
  7. Overlorde Return Of The Snow Giant. Random Artist Request Random Album Request! And The Battle Begins Snow Giant: Hell Hath No Fury: Starcastle: When He Comes My Disease: Trapped By Magic: Colossus (Island Of The Cyclops) Overlorde: Bookmark. Tweet. Data Released Format CD.
  8. – CD includes BONUS TRACKS. unable to land another deal for their third album, No Laughing Matter, they quietly disappeared, with all the main participants going on to other pursuits. Overlorde: Return Of The Snow Giant CD.
  9. Album. Return of the Snow Giant Overlorde. Released Return of the Snow Giant Tracklist. 4. Starcastle Lyrics. 5. When He Comes Lyrics. 7. Blackness Lyrics. 8. Ogre Wizard.

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