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  1. noun the act of defending one's person when physically attacked, as by countering blows or overcoming an assailant: the art of self-defense.
  2. Knee: Su says the knee is an ideal self-defense target, vulnerable from every angle and easily kicked without risk of your foot being grabbed. Kick the side of the knee to cause injury or partially.
  3. You're never alone when you carry a TASER Self-Defense product. We believe in a world with less worry. One that's safer, where anyone can live their life fearlessly. Whether you're at home or on the go, our self-defense tools are small, light-weight, and effective, .
  4. Self-defense definition is - a plea of justification for the use of force or for homicide. How to use self-defense in a sentence.
  5. Self defense is about surviving an ugly confrontation and getting to safety. Read our quick and dirty guide to provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge and expectation when defending yourself pins.
  6. At common law the defence of self-defence operates in three spheres. It allows a person to use reasonable force to: (a) Defend himself from an attack.
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  8. Feb 13,  · Hailed as one of the most inexpensive self defense and tactical flashlights on the market, LuxPower offers you great lighting effects without breaking the bank, and a full aluminum frame for a solid build. This comes with two flashlights for the price of one, and each are pocket-sized.
  9. Self Defense Learn how to defend yourselfin threatening situations with wikiHow's Self-Defense category. Our step-by-step articles can teach you valuable self-defense skills like how to block a punchor how to use a front kick against an attacker.

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