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Day A Dream

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  1. "Day Dream" is a jazz standard composed by Billy Strayhorn with lyrics by John Latouche and written in It was first recorded by saxophonist Johnny Hodges and his ensemble on November 2, Composer(s): Billy Strayhorn.
  2. Day & Dream. Asheville, North Carolina. music makers via asheville, brooklyn, san francisco forest explorers stargazers sleepwalkers dreamers managed by zeppi the goldendoodle smartaronacarsetzvascrededfisemfi.xyzinfo DAY & DREAM is: abby amaya peter frizzante.
  3. A day dream will last a long time into the night Tomorrow at breakfast you may prick up your ears Or you may be dreamin' for a thousand years What a day for a daydream Custom made for a daydreamin.
  4. Dream is a see also of daydream. Daydream is a derived term of dream. As nouns the difference between daydream and dream is that daydream is a spontaneous and fanciful series of thoughts while awake not connected to immediate reality while dream is imaginary events seen in the mind while sleeping. As verbs the difference between daydream and dream is that daydream is to have such a .
  5. day·dream (dā′drēm′) n. A dreamlike musing or fantasy while awake, especially of the fulfillment of wishes or hopes. intr.v. day·dreamed or day·dreamt (-drĕmt′), day·dream·ing, day·dreams To have dreamlike musings or fantasies while awake. day′dream′er n. daydream (ˈdeɪˌdriːm) n 1. a pleasant dreamlike fantasy indulged in while.
  6. 14 synonyms of daydream from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 19 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for daydream.
  7. Daydream definition is - a pleasant visionary usually wishful creation of the imagination. How to use daydream in a sentence.
  8. Daydream Imagery. We are located in Jackson, WY and provide large format digital printing. We print for photographers and also specialize in fine art prints of artwork.

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