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  1. Oct 02,  · Colossus is a computer software program that calculates the settlememnt value for car accident injury cases for at least half of the insurance claims in the United States. Colossus was first licensed and popularized by Allstate in the 90's. Allstate turned to Colossus because they wanted to standardize their claims.
  2. Colossus-Technology zadržava pravo da prikuplja određene lične podatke prilikom pretrage nekih internet stranica ovog Sajta da bi ispunio vaše zahteve ili potrebe. Svako prikupljanje takvih informacija na ovim stranicama biće sprovedeno u skladu sa pravilima o privatnosti sadržanom na ovim internet stranicama, kao i važećim propisima o.
  3. Colossus (born Piotr Rasputin, also known as Peter Rasputin) is a mutant who can cover his entire body in an incredibly dense, organic metallic layer, which grants him incredible levels of physical strength and durability.
  4. Art, entertainment, and media Fictional entities. Colossus (comics), a fictional character in the X-Men series Colossi, the eponymous enemies in Shadow of the Colossus; GTVA Colossus, a spacefaring warship in FreeSpace 2; Film. Colossus: The Forbin Project (), a film based on the D. F. Jones novel; Games. Colossus Chess, a series of chess-playing programs.
  5. Colossus was among the X-Men forced by the godlike Beyonder to fight on his Battleworld. There, he fell in love with the healer Zsaji. After Colossus was killed by a cosmic-powered Doom, Zsaji gave her life to resurrect him. A heartbroken Colossus returned to Earth, ending his relationship with Kitty, though they remained friends.
  6. Colossus has become widely regarded as the strongest member of the X-Men team since his introduction in Len Wein and Dave Cockrum's Giant Size X-Men#1 in
  7. Born to a simple farm life, Piotr Rasputin was the younger brother of the famous cosmonaut Mikhail Rasputin. Gifted as an artist, Piotr was content with his simple life, until he was approached with a chance to change the world, by Professor Charles Xavier. After joining Professor X's X-Men, Piotr has been using his mutant power, to turn to organic steel and gain superhuman strength, to fight.
  8. Colossus is a High Definition video recorder for making real-time video recordings at resolutions up to i using high quality H Colossus records HDMI video from PC gaming systems in HD, plus can record HDMI directly from an Xbox or from a PS3 using Component Video input.

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