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  1. American made barbwire [Verse 1] Made in the USA and we got guns for days But we ain't just out in the sticks, we're all over the place From Cali to New York, SC to LA We put our faith in the Lord and keep our trust in the faith We've been tested and tried, but we always survive We believe in a tooth for a tooth, and an eye for an eye.
  2. A chain-link fence is a weaving fence that is made of galvanized wire or PVC coated wire and is used most often on roadsides, gardens, parks, and for housing purposes too. It is also known as a wire mesh fence or a chain wire fence. A chain link machine is used to fasten the rolls automatically. In the knitting process, the coiled wire is screwed into the form of a flat coil.
  3. Boutique clothing for juniors and women! Judith March, J. Forks, Sookie Sookie, Pink Panache, Pink Armadillo, Keep It Gypsy Bags, braided leather plus more.
  4. barb·wire (bärb′wīr′) n. Barbed wire. barbwire (ˌbɑːbˈwaɪə) n US Another name for barbed wire barbed′ wire′ n. strands of wire twisted together with small pieces of sharply pointed wire at short intervals, used for fencing. Also called barbwire. [–65] ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Switch to new thesaurus Noun 1.
  5. Solid, and real. Barbs are sharp as hell. However, the malleability of the barb wire is very misleading. It was very difficult to work with, especially when wrapping it around a bat to make a Lucille replica.
  6. Barbwire definition is - barbed wire. Recent Examples on the Web Jumping over walls, crawling under barbwire, climbing up ropes. — Jon Blau, Indianapolis Star, "How IU football helped Blake Powers, Austin Thomas for Army careers," 8 June So while the water belongs to the people, the riverbed does not, and ranchers can, and frequently do, run barbwire across the water.
  7. barbed wire: [noun] twisted wires armed with barbs or sharp points — called also#R##N# barbwire.

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