Axis On Mono - Various - Tune The Speakers! (CD)

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  1. Unlike most car speakers, the Axxera AXiS series features a uniqueacoustical design. The tweeter is horn-loaded through the woofer voice coil so that the two work perfectly in-phase at all angles as well as improving overall efficiency. This unique alignment allowsthe speakers to produce the most natural.
  2. How does the mono amp connect to the sound system? There are various ways that the amplifier connects to the rest of the sound system. Commonly, the receiver will connect to the amplifier with 1/4-inch or RCA cables. After that, the amplifier will be run to the speakers using RCA cables or .
  3. Axis audio solutions can be used for a wide array of uses from public address to background music and scheduled announcements. The Axis audio portfolio includes a selection of IP based speakers that can use existing IT infrastructure and can be powered by power over ethernet.
  4. David, A web search for "a memphis street edge watt amp" comes up with the SE Memphis Street Edge watt mono amplifier, and if you have all your speakers and subs connected to it you should get a lot of distortion.
  5. If you don't have a mono setting, you can still create a mono signal to send to your speakers: One way is simply to use a "Y" adapter to split the output of one of the channels (either one--it doesn't matter) from your stereo source and plug it into both the right and left inputs on your preamp or receiver.
  6. Sep 14,  · I just got this lp last week (Classic Records Jimi Hendrix Mono Axis disc). As orthers have mentioned, a stereo cart plays the mono record back w/o issue. I have a mono button on my pre-amp, so I use it with mono records. rockitman, Sep 14, # LSGoCards7 Active Member.
  7. Overall, the Axis Loudspeaker Voicebox S are highly capable speakers, with resolution and bass to die for given their compact size. They punch well above their weight and an audition is highly recommended. For more information visit the Axis Loudspeakers brand page. Specifications. 60 Hz to 20 kHz (mic on tweeter axis +/- 2dB).
  8. Nov 30,  · Most audio you listen to is in “stereo”, which means that different things are played in through both the left and right speakers. However, you can have your PC mix the sound to mono, playing everything combined through both speakers. This would allow you to use just one earbud with your PC, but still hear both the left and right audio tracks.
  9. The mono device will then play the left+right source channels as mono. Electrically, it shorts the "tip" and "ring" contacts that are visible on the adapter (left and right channels, resp.), creating a mono mix, and feeds it to the tip connection inside the adapter. So there is no internal ring connection.

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