DJ Exigent - Orchids / Alterna Dies (Vinyl)

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  1. Jun 14,  · Orchids need to be watered differently than most plants because they are often planted in a bark mix rather than soil. Watering needs also depend on the type of orchid, pot, potting mix, humidity levels and light. Be sure to water thoroughly each time so the roots have a chance to absorb the moisture before it runs through the mix.
  2. We want your orchid to thrive. Get Phalaenopsis orchid care information here, including reblooming, fertilizing and more.
  3. The ideal time to repot orchids is when they go out of bloom and Phalaenopsis is no exception. Once it has finished blooming the orchid will focus on growing new roots and leaves in preparation for new flower spikes. Establishing good watering practices can be a bit tricky at first for a new orchid owner. Each growing environment is unique, a.
  4. Do Orchids Go Dormant?. Orchid growth slows when temperatures drop in winter. For some orchids, this is a true dormant period, meaning the plants may appear shriveled or dead until they regrow.
  5. Jun 12,  · Repotting Orchids | Blog - Orchid care tips for watering Phalaenopsis orchids with ice. Don't forget to sign up for orchid care watering reminders.
  6. 3. Keep your blooming orchids cool. You can extend the blooming period of your orchids by introducing them to *slightly* cooler temperatures – not above 75F (24C) – once they begin blooming. 4. Keep blooming orchids away from pollinating insects. As soon as orchid flowers come in contact with bees or other flying insects, they’ll begin to die.
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