Anything But Fine - ZOX (2) - The Wait (CD, Album)

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  1. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Anything Can Happen - Questionnaires on AllMusic -
  2. If anything ever happened to you Cece you know That I don't need possessions, oh babe 'Cause after all, all we really need Is right here in our hearts The love in our hearts is right here in my heart I'd have to be strong Don't make a way If anything ever If anything happened to you If anything ever happened to you How could I go on, tell me.
  3. Say Anything () John Cusack as Lloyd Dobler. Lloyd Dobler: [leaving the last of a series of messages on Diane's answering machine] "Maybe I didn't really know you. Maybe you were just a .
  4. Artist: Zox Album: The Wait. Lyrics The summer swept chicago Left us with a little bit of rain We are trembling, glistening Listening to the rumble of the elevated train And I have never been afraid Of opening myself up to a dream And now you've filled me like a bubble And the trouble is I'm bursting at the seams I can't leave you, carolyn.
  5. Anything But Fine Lyrics: If I could write you a song / With all the right words / Then would these black clouds begin to burn up / The moment you heard? / If I could make you a map / Would you.
  6. Tell me I'm anything but fine. Tell me a story. Tell me the time. Tell me a lie. Tell me what I want to hear Tomorrow I will disappear, You won't ever have to see me again. And tell me I'm yours. Tell me you're mine. Tell me I'm anything but fine. Tell me a story. Tell me the time. Tell me a lie. You said that words can only get you so far.
  7. Intro: D G A (play 2 times) Verse 1: G A D We bought an old run down house G A D We couldn’t wait to get the keys G Scr*ping D Yeah we could do it all A Just you and me Verse 2: G A D Oh but the money got tight that winter G A D It took all we had to get to spring G We had our share of fights D A Still I thought you and I could fix anything A Oh anything Chorus: D Well that roof it still ain.
  8. With this album Schofield takes on the challenge of a more diverse palate of songs, fitting his stellar guitar playing into new frameworks. The end result is an exciting and contemporary fusion of blues, funk and rock that is undoubtedly Schofield’s best work to date. Recorded in New Orleans, the album has the funky edge that both N’orleans and Schofield’s trio are renowned for; but the.
  9. George Hrab - Vitriol music CD album at CD Universe, So I have this one talent, No really, And by talent, I mean something that I'm really, really good at, which.

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